Ningbo Dongsol Machinery Technology Co., Ltd
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Company Profile
  NningBo Dongsol Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd is located in GuiSi Street NingBo New Material Technology City,NingBo City,ZheJiang Province,China,Which covers more than 1200 square meters.We are very closed to the air port and sea port.And We specialized in the Car Decoration accessories ,Auto Parts ,LED lights ,Hardware products ,House Appliances ,Home appliances,Office Desks And Chairs ,Househod Products.
  Now our factory has the following equipment:
Common Punch:16T/5sets ,25T/1set,40T1set,63T/1set,80/1set,125T/1set,200T/1set.
Precision Pneumatic Punch:45T/1set, 60T/1set,80T/1set,110T/1set,125T/1set,160T/1set.
Welding Robot Machine:2sets.
Wire Cutting Machine:1set.
Grinding Machine:1set.
drilling Machine:1set.
Shearing Machine:1set.
  We have rich experience developing new products and invested lots of molds for the products .And a deep strong connection with every process of the goods, which guarantee we have the very ability to start a new product from the idea to the real products.
  OEM&ODM are both welcomed and Our professional knowledge and good service will always be waiting for every new chance! !!
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